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Need to restore your dream car? Does your baby need a facelift or just a little TLC? Well you've come to the right place. We will work closely with you ensuring your complete satisfaction. Our experts use State-of-the-art equipment and Top-of-the-line quality materials to get the job done right the first time!

Call us today for a quote, or learn more about the services we offer below. 


Our Services


Full Restoration

Restoration is more than just making the exterior and interior look nice. A full restoration involves replacing parts from the dashboard gauges, headlights, taillights, door handles, right down to lining the walls of the trunk. 

The restoration is controlled by you, after all, this is your dream car. We sit down with you and go through the entire process, from the tear down, to finding any hidden damage, to the rebuild, to choosing colours and textures to suit you. 


Collision Repair

Whether you've experienced a minor scratch or significant damage, Precision Classic Restoration in Westlock, AB is your premier destination for meticulous collision repair.

Utilizing the most advanced technology, superior parts, and premium paints, we pledge to return your vehicle to its pristine, pre-accident state. With technicians boasting over 35 years of expertise, Precision Classic Restoration in Westlock stands as your top choice for unparalleled collision repair service.


Custom Fabrication

Our custom fabrication services transform your unique visions into tangible masterpieces. Using cutting-edge tools, the finest materials, and backed by over 35 years of expertise, we breathe life into tailor-made automotive dreams. 

No other shop in Canada has access to the type of fabrication equipment available readily to Precision Classic Restoration. 


Body Work and Paint

Our paintwork is not just about aesthetics; it’s a narrative of the vehicle's journey. We take pride in using only the highest-quality materials, producing a finish that not only dazzles but also stands the test of time. With an unmatched attention to detail, we ensure that the color, shade, and texture echo the era of the vehicle while offering the durability of modern finishes.


Frame and Mechanical

Delve into the heart and soul of any classic vehicle: its frame and mechanical components. At Precision Classic Restorations, we believe that a vehicle's true essence lies in its foundational elements, and our commitment is to ensure that each vehicle operates as smoothly and reliably as it did in its heyday.



Our seasoned technicians, with their blend of traditional knowledge and modern insights, undertake every project with intricate care. From rewiring entire vehicles to diagnosing elusive electrical issues, we employ the latest diagnostic tools combined with tried-and-true methods to ensure every circuit, fuse, and relay is optimized for reliability and performance.

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