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DuraShield Flex is professionally installed directly onto damage-prone vehicle surfaces providing a virtually invisible barrier that protects

against chipped paint minor scratches and abrasions.

Using DuraShield Flex on high-impact areas of our vehicle's surface will protect and preserve its like-new appearance for years to 

come. Typical damage occurs from impacts with rock chips and other kinds of road debris. 

DuraShield Flex PPF is constructed from a durable, flexible urethane film that is puncture resistant. DuraShield Flex PPF is designed to absorb impacts from most road debris and retain its shape & glossy finish.

Whether you have a car, pickup, SUV, or crossover, DuraShield Flex PPF is designed to provide virtually invisible protection to 

high-impact areas of the vehicle.

DuraShield Flex PPF also provides premium surface protection for other vehicle types:

  • RV




  • ATV'S 


......AND MORE

Now that you know how and where DuraShield Flex protects your vehicle's appearance, ask us to professonally install DuraShield Flex PPF today to extend the life of your vehicle's finish.

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